Confined Space Services

A confined space can present a number of hazards including low natural ventilation (poor oxygen levels), contaminants, toxic gases, explosive gases, free flowing solids, extreme temperatures or ingress of water. Confined spaces include but are not limited to storage tanks, pits, silos, ducting, boilers, ventilation, sewers, tunnels, service tunnels, culverts, pipelines, shafts, disused basements, voids and chambers. If you are unsure if your areas fall into these categories please Contact one of our specialists who will be more then happy to discuss your project.

Access and Rescue Solutions Ltd has vast experience of working in confined spaces and have performed confined space entry under the most hostile of environments.

We pride ourselves on not providing you the normal “standby rescue team”. Our teams are interactive and professional throughout the project. Our hand selected teams come from a variety of backgrounds, many from the emergency services. We can provide you with technical solutions to safety and rescue problems that many other teams just cannot match. Whether it is a technical or complex rescue scenario or simply a solution to contractor safety such as fall arrest, Access and Rescue Solutions can provide the answer.

Unlike many “rescue teams”, we  pride ourselves on using only the best rescue equipment, running regular training and demonstrations to ensure only the best service is provided. Within our teams we ensure the suitable medical provisions, usually with a Paramedic as part of the team.

Our confined space rescue teams are highly experienced technicians who have been tried and tested in the most demanding of environments. We offer bespoke rescue cover for industries including: 

  • Gas Storage 
  • Power Stations
  • Marine Vessels 
  • Sewers and Deep Wet Wells
  • Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Water Storage Facilities 
  • Waste Recycling Plants
  • Television and Film Industry
  • Tunnels and Open Pits
  • Furnaces
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Complex High Risk Environments
  • Bridges and Waterways

We are happy to give advice and discuss any project for any market sector. Get in touch via CONTACT US to discuss your project.

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